The First Tee

The First Tee is a foundation that has high quality educational programs that build character and develop leadership skills ...but also are fun!!

it works with experts in various disciplines that help trainers to create programs that integrate seamlessly golf activities and character building in the same lesson.

As children progress through the programs of The First Tee, activities and lessons of life begin to involve greater participation, which helps children form their character and be trained further to make good decisions both and off the golf course.

THE FIRST TEE is backed by major US golfing entities such as PGA,PGA Tour, USGA, LPGA, and its honorary president is George W. Bush.

In 2014 has decided to settle in Chile, in partnership with WEB.COM CHILE CLASSIC PGA TOUR, to support the massification of golf through its successful social responsibility plans, validated by more than 12 million young people worldwide.

Our mission is to get involved in the lives of children and youth through an educational program that promotes the values, healthy habits and positive character development using golf as a vehicle driver in order to contribute to the formation of better citizens for the country .

The methodology comprises a 7-stage process , where values ​​are working according to age and level of the students in the following order :

  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Responsability
  • Honesty
  • sportsmanship
  • Trust
  • Criteria
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Criteria
  • Perseverance

Besides the values ​​, healthy habits are promoted in the following order , depending on the level at which they are:


Related to physical health


  • Game , Energy, Security

Related to emotional health :

  • Mind, Family Vision

Related social health


  • Friendship , College , Community

Where and who can participate?+

physical locations • Golf clubs • Parks and public spaces • Colleges • Gyms • roofed surfaces

What do I need to meet?+

• Youth from ages 5 and up • youth at risk • Students attending public schools and private subsidized etc.