Spartan Race

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Born in the picturesque hills of Vermont USA, Spartan Race was created to bring the thrill of racing obstacles to spectators and athletes alike. With over 150 events in 20 countries and 6 continents in 2015. Spartan Race is available to almost everyone in the world. Spartan Race is a real adventure that anyone can overcome. and everyone should try. With circuits 5+ km ( SPRINT ), 13+ km ( SUPER), and 20+ km ( BEAST ) each race is full of mud, water and obstacles of the firm designed to help you discover your inner spartan. Athletes of all fitness levels will enjoy participating in the race Spartan Race and can live the satisfaction of reaching the finish line.

Spartan Race also has events for children and youth. We believe that physical activity and adventure should involve the whole family. Come and see your children run, jump and climb as authentic spartans intended to do everything on his own Spartan Junior.


If you've tried a career trail, muddy race, obstacle, adventure racing or just looking for new adventures. it's time to run a Spartan Race. Unlike other obstacle sport we offer perfectly adapted to each person. So sign up and see why we say...


You'll know when you cross the finish line.