Podium Sport Management


PODIUM SPORTS MANAGEMENT is a Chilean pioneer in sports marketing , created in the early nineties ,specializing in organizing sports events and dedicated to growing the sport in the country. Our work focuses on the strategic management of sports-related businesses. Our work focuses on the strategic management of sports-related businesses. As a team we are confident that we can make a positive and lasting impact on the Chilean sport, professionally managing the careers of our athletes, offering efficient solutions for brand management through sports, and developing new businesses to improve performance and increase revenue a sports arena.

PODIUM executives have extensive experience in organizing the national sport, having held several in jobs by the goverment, also General Management and Production Tournament for the Tennis Federation of Chile, Membership in the American Committee of ITF Davis Cup, Managment at Challenger ATP Tournament, Managment PGA Tour tournaments, Davis Cup Referees, producing national events such as KIA Amateur Australian Open and Seniors.


PODIUM has represented the following athletes :

  • Benjamín Alvarado(Golf)
  • Christian Espinoza(Golf)
  • Juan Cerda(Golf)
  • Cristian Bustos(Triatlón)
  • Matias Brain(Triatlón)
  • Adrian García(Tenis)
  • Hermes Gamonal(Tenis)
  • Max Schnettler(Natación)
  • Gian Carlo Zolezzi(Natación)
  • Ignacio Casale (Rally)
  • Max Schnettler (Natación)
  • Christian Yantani (Remo)
  • Miguel Cerda(Remo)
  • Gabriel Vallejos (Natación Paralímpica)

PODIUM has made the following events:

  • Spartan Race Chile 2014 (Circuito mundial de carreras de obstáculos)
  • Chile Classic 2012-2015 (PGA Web.com Tour, USD$650.000, Golf)
  • La Serena Open 2007-2008 (Challenger ATP, USD$50.000, Tenis)
  • Copa Davis Grupo Mundial Chile-Rusia 2007 (Tenis)
  • Abierto de Cachagua 2006-2007 (Golf)
  • KIA Amateur Australian Open 2004-2007 (Tenis)
  • ITF Seniors Omar Pabst 2006-2007 (Tenis) (Tenis)
  • ITF Seniors Elías Deik 2005-2006 (Tenis)
  • Desafío Chile Argentina con Ángel Cabrera y Eduardo Romero vs Mark Tullo y Benjamín Alvarado 2003 (Golf)
  • Copa Los Andes 2001 (Golf)


If you run a sporting event, a club, or represents a sports brand, we can help you deliver the best experience for your members, customers or brand offering a range of business solutions and technology for your event. If you are an athlete in search of advice and support, we can help by representing their interests to get the visibility it deserves and opportunities in their respective fields. If you drive a brand or company in search of creative advertising through sport to increase their customer base, we can offer platforms you need to achieve your goal